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States scramble to salvage climate crusade abandoned by Trump 
Donald Trump’s plan to bring an abrupt halt to America’s crusade against climate change will test California and other states like never before as they seek to wrest control of the nation’s energy future from a hostile White House. The energy plan ...

Republicans blame bill, not Trump, for health care defeat 
President Donald Trump’s overall job approval is at 40 percent, underpinned by continuing strong support from Republicans who don’t appear to blame him for the failed health care bill, a new CBS News Poll shows. The president’s approval rating is ...

What we don't know about Nunes' White House grounds visit 
On Monday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes confirmed that he traveled to the White House last week in order to meet a source and view information related to surveillance that "incidentally collected" information about associates of ...

John Legend Takes Over Public Piano For Impromptu Gig At London Train Station 
I'm too short to film @johnlegend playing the piano at St Pancras, so took a photo of people doing that instead pic.twitter.com/3IOnF78qme

Making ‘Brexit’ Official, U.K. Wades Into a Thorny Thicket 
LONDON — In one of the most consequential diplomatic events in Britain since World War II, Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday sent formal notice of the country’s intention to withdraw from the European Union, starting a tortuous two-year divorce ...

Floods, tornadoes likely in South; 3 storm chasers killed in collision 
March 29 (UPI) --The National Weather Service warned severe weather including hail, damaging winds, heavy rain, flash floods and tornadoes was move eastward through Texas and Oklahoma on Wednesday after causing damage overnight. The weather system damaged ...

Brexit Britain: The View From Margate as Article 50 Is Triggered 
MARGATE, England — At a traditional tea dance on England's southeast coast, couples glide gracefully across the dance floor seemingly untroubled by the looming Brexit storm. For many in Margate, a once-prosperous seaside town that is part of a district ...

Trump administration: Healthcare replacement may be revived 
March 29 (UPI) --Another attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is in the works, after a vote on a bill was abruptly canceled last week, the Trump administration says. Both Ryan and Trump said the ACA would remain in force, but Republicans ...

Will Trump Be Impeached Or Resign? Democrat Majority In House Could Oust President In 30 Days 
President Donald Trump has been at the receiving end of sharp criticism – over his healthcare bill, immigration orders, and most recently rollback of climate change policies – since he took office in January this year. A supporter of the president ...

Police department connected to Philando Castile’s shooting wants to cut financial ties with town where he died 
The Minnesota police department connected to Philando Castile’s death wants to cut financial ties with the town where he was fatally shot — because his death cost the force too much money. The St. Anthony Police Department said it was burdened by ...

Planned Parenthood videos: Anti-abortion activists charged with 15 felonies for secret tapes 
Two anti-abortion activists who made undercover videos of themselves trying to buy fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood were charged with 15 felonies, California prosecutors announced Tuesday. State Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced the charges ...

In historic break, Britain gives formal notice it is leaving the European Union 
LONDON — A little over nine months after British voters chose to withdraw from the European Union, Britain took a decisive — and likely irreversible — step Wednesday toward leaving a partnership that has bound the country to the continent for nearly ...

Man who headed for gay pride event with loaded AR-15 enters plea 
James Wesley Howell, of Indiana, appears in Superior Court in Los Angeles, June 14, 2016. LOS ANGELES-- An Indiana man who told police he was headed to a gay pride event in California and was found with a loaded assault rifle and chemicals mixed and ready ...

Innocent man freed after spending 20 years behind bars for attempted murder in a Compton shooting 
On his drive to Calipatria State Prison, Ricardo Perez thought of the couple he’d met a few months earlier and their desperate plea: Can you help us get our innocent relative out of prison? It was spring 2012. Perez was fresh out of Loyola Law School and ...

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